Baby in water

A baptism service is a great occasion for celebration as we gather to mark the first of life’s great milestones. Here we give thanks for the birth of a child and pray for them as they receive God’s blessing and become a member of his family, the Church.

Baptism, or Christening as it is often known, is the first step in a lifelong journey of faith, where parents and godparents make important promises that the child will be brought up to know Jesus and to come to church to worship, to pray and to learn about their faith.

Services of baptism usually take place on the first and third Sunday of each month, at 12.15 pm. To book a baptism you will need to contact the Parish Office or use this enquiry form to send us your details and we will book a date with you for the service, as well as a date for your baptism preparation session. You will also receive a home visit from a baptism visitor, who will leave you with all the paperwork you need and offer you the chance to ask any questions.

Your baptism preparation session will usually be held the month before the baptism, following our informal 10am Family Service. Here you’ll have the chance to reflect on some of the spiritual aspects of baptism and your important role as parents in the process. We hope you’ll feel welcomed and at home during the service which precedes the session and consider making this part of your monthly routine as your child grows up.