Open Water

Baptism for older children and adults

When children are old enough to understand something of what is happening in baptism it is important that they are consulted in the decision and are involved in preparation. Here the baptism visitor will take parents and children together through some of the important aspects and symbols of the service. Then, at the baptism service children will need to answer that they wish to be baptised and will often join in with the promises alongside parents and godparents. If a child has reached their teenage years it will be necessary for them to have a more in-depth level of preparation for baptism, perhaps as a part of a course with other candidates.

Older children are usually baptised in our normal baptism services and therefore the booking system is the same, i.e. through the Parish Office.

Baptism is not just for children, though – God’s call is for all, and adults will often want to take the plunge themselves. Baptism as an adult is an important faith decision and needs careful consideration and preparation. Therefore we will usually require an adult candidate to attend a short course to reflect on some of the issues involved.

If you are an adult and are thinking of baptism please contact one of the clergy.