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Pastoral Care and Nurture Group (PCNG)

The PCNG is a sub group of St Mark’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) with an overview of Pastoral Care and Nurture in the parish. The group holds the details of those involved in Pastoral Care and Nurture within the Parish, including the Pastoral Visiting Team.

In order to get in touch with those involved, contact Wendy Brewer  (, the Parish Office or a member of the clergy.

Pastoral Visitors

St Mark’s now has a team of Pastoral Visitors for those who feel in need of a visit in their own homes or individually in Care Homes.  Those visited may be members of the congregation who feel lonely or unable to come to Church (perhaps through illness).

If you feel in need of a visit (or you know someone who might like a visit), contact Wendy Brewer, Pastoral Visitor Co-ordinator  ( or the Parish Office.