A group for teenagers to talk about things more personal or ​relevant to us and what relation they have with Christianity 

How our sessions work:

We light a candle and say our prayer (written by us), and then help ourselves to food and drink. We then talk about something that has interested us that week, perhaps in the news, perhaps in our lives, and how that relates to our faith. We might watch a clip from a film, or read something from a newspaper or book. We might use our bibles as we talk about things.

Why you should come along:

We are an informal group where we can be open without fear of judgement as there is no wrong or right answers. Instead of teachers we have leaders who are there to assist conversation and happily join in. Our leaders and members are all equal. Another reason you should come along is because we have cake!


Some topics we have covered:

  • The environment
  • What influences us (using High School Musical)
  • Passover and communion (using Rev)
  • Suffering (using The Fault in Our Stars)​

Who's it for?

  • Anyone aged between 10 and 16 who’d like to come.

To Find Out More:

Talk to one of our leaders, eg Ann Hutton, Alex Norton

Or talk to one of our members, eg Lorna Hutton, Peter Cockell

Or email nell.cockell@btinternet.com or rectorbilton@icloud.com